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Av Frida - 19 augusti 2012 11:50

det är den här!
vet inte riktgt varför men den gör mig glad, att dom lixom har gått från små tonårspojkar och sen 2 år senare står dom och sjunger på OS. hur stort är inte det?

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Av Frida - 18 augusti 2012 18:42

"Okay so before I write a bunch of crap that barely anyone will read, I have to explain the title, have you ever had like a situation. Where its backwards? people think the other way around. so as in, the sincerely person, is mad at the dear person, BUT the dear person keep’s it going? I guess it’s kind of confusing in a way but just think, what kind of people do you know that’s; that way? I sort of think, we all have our moments, that we regret. and that sooner or later we all remember that something will change, but not always for the better. my point is, well. you tell me. but at that, are you that way? do you start something and want to end it, but on the other end, they want to keep it going, or the other way around. I believe we all have that sort of mind set, but not always? we think short, we go on the edge, and believe what we feel.

Me personally? i have done both. i have started something that might have not of been for the better. and also I’ve kept something going. but, we do what our mind thinks, no our heart, or is it the other way around, but were not always sure?

Did you know, that its better to kiss a guy on his right side, because its controlled by our left side of the brain, and that all of our emotions are on the left side of our brain. cool fact for you.

So. my question to you is…..think about what i said.


Av Frida - 17 augusti 2012 14:12


Av Frida - 17 augusti 2012 14:07

“Being single doesn't mean your weak. It means your strong enough to wait for what you deserve.” 


Av Frida - 17 augusti 2012 13:42


kvinnan på understa bilden är killarnas sång pedagog :)

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